A big update from my side:: I’m pushing Ross to R2. For the last few days, I had been swamped with work at office, some events on the extra-curricular front and then, of course, MBA apps.

I was finding it tough to manage Ross and Tuck together. For Tuck,I am relatively in quite advanced stage and I’m in the process of fine-tuning my drafts. On the contrary, though I have raw drafts ready for all four Ross essays, they are nowhere close to even be called first drafts.. More importantly, I wasn’t myself convinced with the stories, particularly the most significant professional achievement. I feared that my app was not strong enough, but at the same time I strongly wanted to go by the R1 deadline.

Then, I was reminded of adcom’s fav line: “Best round is the one when your application is strongest”. Considering this, I decided to push Ross to R2. Their R2 deadline is in jan, I’m sure i’ll get some more clarity by that time and will be in a position to put in a stronger app. In any case, I do have an accomplishment-in-making on the professional front and I hope that’d give me a stronger answer.

IT was a tough decision as Ross (tied with Tuck) was my top choice. But taking this decision has surely made life easier for me. Now I can focus primarily on Tuck essays. The reviews are mostly in and I need to rework some of the stuff. Am targetting one round of overhaul this weekend, before I move on to Darden and Duke.

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  • Anonymous

    >>“Best round is the one when your application is strongest”
    I think thats a pretty mature decision on your part.

  • ahembeea

    Hey, I’m sure that would be a big gain for Tuck and other schools that you are applying to in R1. For all you know,you’ll get the good news in R1 itself! Atb!

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  • Nitin

    When I took the GMAT / applied to business school last year, I found your blog to be very, very useful. Thanks so much!

  • http://missionmba.wordpress.com missionmba

    @Anonymous and Ahembeea:
    I do believe that it has been a good decision. I do hope that I get the news in R1 itself.. :)

    Good to know that u found my blog useful.. Keep dropping by.. :)