First draft for the first essay of the season completed!!

Now this seems to be a weird title. At least nothing to be proud of, particularly when many fellow-bloggers are already in the phase of “Columbia submitted”  and “Kellogg is almost done, working on Columbia“ But in any case, it’s a big achievement for a procrastinator like me. So thought of celebrating with a post on the [...]

 Here’s my target list!!

Well, I now believe that I’m down to my final list of Bschools that I’m targetting.. As I said some time back, after the applying the no-cosignor criterion, there were very few schools left on my list..  I thought of expanding my list a bit..  This resulted in some weird school-combinations on my expanded list.. And many of [...]

 Longlisting my schools!!! :-o

I know I was supposed to have shortlisted by school by May end.. Had missed that.. I did make some headway into my school research after that and was able to trim down my list to a manageable number.. 1-2 weeks back, I was thinking that I’m getting mostly clear with my target list.. Applying [...]